Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Wonderful Workshop

Today started off being a hectic day with finalizing everything for the workshop. We managed sorting out a beautiful tent and an lcd screen for the powerpoint presentation.

At 10am parents started walking in, and because many were stuck in traffic, we waited until 11 then started the talk. Emily did great, as I knew she would! The questions were asked during the presentation which led it into many discussions during the talk. The parents got some great information and spent plenty of time after the workshop just talking to each other and sharing experiences. We provided lunch then moved on to the workshop for the teachers and professionals after... this went even better I'd say. There was plenty of information that was given out and lots of ideas for the classrooms. Emily did great with this too.

Unfortunately we had a huge thunderstorm on way towards the end of the talk, and tried to rush through in the end, but still got through everything. After the talk, the teachers and professionals got to meet with each other as well, and I had so many of them approach me to say that they loved it and really wish that we'd have more of these. They were very impressed with the work Kaizora is doing and with the Global Autism Project.

We had given out evaluations for everyone to fill out, and majority said that they definitely want more of this. Some said that just discovering Kaizora has been a huge relief for them.

Basically, things went great and everyone was happy. I will try and put effort into having more workshops at Kaizora and spreading the word more. Now that Emily has been in here and we plan on finalizing all the children's programs, I will be able to take out more time into such events. We're all really sad that Emily has to leave us, but we're all holding our breath for her to make her way back very very soon!!...

Pooja Panesar

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